Many of my pots are minimalist in decoration as I like the shape of the pot to determine its effect, with a single glaze.  I find it sometimes necessary to enhance the effect of the glaze by adding flashes of oxide. I prefer to make larger decorative pots but also enjoy the challenge of producing more intricate pieces for the table.

I mainly use two types of stoneware.  One is light brown which fires up to a soft digestive biscuit colour.  The other is a white plastic clay which fires to an ivory colour. I use them both for throwing and slab building.

I have limited my palette of glazes for domestic ware to two blue ones.  I use a soft blue on the brown clay and a bright green/blue on the white clay.  These glazes enhance the clay body and appeal to the eye.  They also ensure that the piece does not get lost in its surrounds and therefore makes a simple but effective statement.

I fire most pieces at 1220 degrees centigrade and then soak (maintain the heat) for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the glaze.